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Improve Cognitive skills with 3 to 5 years kids.

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

360° Development Program

For 3.5 - 5 years kids

STARTING 24 JAN 23 | 4:00 - 5:00 PM

We at URJITAH, are going to start full of fun and productive engaging sessions to develop Physical, Personal. Social, Emotional and Cognitive skills of the 3.5 to 5years of age group. It's a gadget free, intellectual enriching, age appropriate experience for the children. The aim is the holistic development of kids.

SOCIAI DEVELOPMENT. 3-4 year old kids understand social skills like sharing and being kind. They enjoy being and playing with other children. They learn social skills when when they play with peers and take turns. The practice talking through role-play storytelling and playing with puppets.

EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT kids at this age are moving out into the world.They are learning to understand about other peoples feelings and needs. They can feel empathy for others can share share toys and enjoy lots of physical games.

COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT at 4 to 5 years of age thinking and learning skills are.. in full bloom. Any activity of 10 to 15 minutes can hold their attention and they develop the abilitv to remember man thinas. The develop abilitv remember their favourite story, enjoy pretending their favourite characters have vivid imagination and can invent things like monsters and princesses. Remembering games dive their memorv muscle a workout. Phlsical games helo sharpen the brains motor coordination. Walking buzzles promote non-verbal reasoning and the ability to visualise.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT Motor development is important for children's overall develonment It is a crucial way in which children learn and develon chysically and cognitively by aiding in self-contidence, hand eye coordination. Balance and giving child a sense of their own abilities. Gross motor skills and fine motor skills contribute to the development of language. Plav, adaptive behaviour and Academic success.

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